Facebook in 2013. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

While I embrace the more intellectualized, political version of Facebook, I do miss the gentler days when folks said low horsepower stuff like…

“Pretzel bread with no salt is ridiculous. Delta is clueless on what makes a good turkey sandwich. No salt??? WHAT?”

“My cat totally thinks she’s a dog. My dog thinks it’s a human. This is the totality of my life. Literally, it doesn’t get more complicated than this moment of thought.”

“Does anyone even know how to contact a Congressperson? This pretzel bread salt thing has me fuming.”

“I watched Arrival with my dog this morning. He’s been hurriedly nosing his kibble around on the floor and I think he’s attempting to spell Tromp or Trump. So much for thinking he’s human. This is clearly just a dog.”

“It’s Monday. Monday Funday!”

Just wanted to bring back Facebook 2013 for a few moments. Much love.