The dog is an optimist

Our dog, Oswald, is an optimist. He pooped on the floor late last night in what I imagine to be a confused and panicked state of dog-not-feeling-welledness-everyone-asleepedness. As I systematically addressed the situation this morning, scrubbing the floor clear of dog pie, Oswald’s cold nose tapped my left earlobe as a yellow tennis ball dropped from his mandible literally millimeters from the meadow muffin. I did not throw the ball, but I will embrace the spirit of the moment, and communicate to you what I think Oswald would say if he were able to post on Facebook.. Glancing to the left and staring into his saucer-like, benevolent, culpable eyes, the message was clear-ish, “Don’t let a little s**t get in the way of your dreams.” My dear friends, have a wonderful December and holiday season, and listen to your inner Oswald.