That time I met Prince

My Prince run-in was as awkward and nerdy as you might expect. I was in law school. I overheard that Prince would be at a particular club after his concert. I stood exactly in the perfect place next to a cordoned off area with an unreasonably beautiful place setting. I gave it about 3 feet so that when Prince sat down, there would be airspace in-between my lurking, bordering-on-voyeuristic moment and Prince. Prince entered the room with a young woman and sat down. Within 3 seconds the crowd literally pushed me within 4 inches of Prince. I was immobile, both hands pinned under the rope, and facing Prince (and his friend) as if I were sitting at the table. I mustered the courage and maybe a little too enthusiastically said, “Hi!!” They said nothing. I mouthed, “I’m sorry. I’m stuck.” They said nothing. They got up after about 45 seconds and left the room. The crowd dispersed. I haven’t thought about that moment until today. That was a truly ridiculous moment, but for 45 seconds, and despite complete immobility, I held a one-way conversation with Prince. He later wrote no song about this occasion.