Influence, embrace and include…

As a Jewish kid growing up in Mississippi, I wasn’t a stranger to a bunch of folks actively expressing concern about my pending eternity in hell. One of my greatest strengths was in accepting the friendship of those who actively judged me. I simply will not hold people at arm’s length due to their beliefs. My only chance to influence you is to embrace you.

Why The Rock will win the Presidency in 2020.

I have a theory. It’s not a perfect theory. I’ve had a few pints of beer in London, and I’m sleepy but feeling professorial. Er hem…

Three P’s win the Presidency, and in this specific rank order…
(1) Personality. The bigger personality tends to win.
(2) Persuasion. The more persuasive speaker tends to win.
(3) Policy. Takes a backseat to Personality and Persuasion.

Let’s take a look at the last 15 Presidential elections. I believe at least 13 and potentially 14 out of the last 15 elections were won by the bigger personality and artful persuasion (Personality & Persuasion).

2012 Obama > Romney (2 P’s to Obama)
2008 Obama > McCain (2 P’s to Obama)
2004 Bush > Kerry (Edge to Bush. Who is Kerry again?)
2000 Bush > Gore (Tie P’s. Closest vote ever.)
1996 Clinton > Dole (2 P’s to Clinton)
1992 Clinton > Bush (2 P’s to Clinton)
1988 Bush > Dukakis (Dukakis middle name was Stanley)
1984 Reagan > Mondale (2 P’s to Reagan)
1980 Reagan > Carter (2 P’s to Reagan)
1976 Carter > Ford (2 P’s to Carter. Ford never elected.)
1972 Nixon > McGovern (2 P’s to Nixon)
1968 Nixon > Humphrey (2 P’s to Nixon)
1964 Johnson > Goldwater (2 P’s to Johnson I think.)
1960 Kennedy > Nixon (2 P’s and a TOO SEXY to Kennedy.)
2016 Trump > Clinton

I don’t want to kindle frustration by awarding P’s to anyone for 2016. In 2020, when David Blaine takes the Presidency, I’ll award the 2016 P’s and it won’t frustrate anyone. We’ll all be mesmerized as he makes the podium disappear and turns the microphone into a bunny.

As an aside…
Why the heck do people in the UK hate the letter Z? They call it Zed and literally change Z to S in every word. Anti-Zedites.


We’re pretty much all monkeys.

A non-apocalyptic and (I believe) apolitical video from the American Museum of Natural History. I may not believe the same things as you or reflect your spitting image, but we are 99.9% the same under the grandest microscope and brightest spotlight.

Big business r smart.

Let me explain big business in one sentence — Late winter, when baseball executives are celebrating in the fabulous conference room at Major League Baseball headquarters, none of them will verbalize the unavoidable ratings collapse of the 2017 World Series.

Every action stands alone.

Bill cheated on Hillary 20 years ago and may have habitually cheated on Hillary. Hillary and Bill are still married. Hillary is running for President. Hillary is not accountable for Bill’s actions. There is no definition of that marriage that makes Bill not responsible for Bill’s actions. We can not become a culture that blames the victim. We can not become a culture that pivots to another bad action of that victim to justify the blame. Every act stands alone. You can be a victim of one act (philandering) and the perpetrator of another (illegal or irresponsible email). // Donald lost a billion dollars in 1995. Donald submitted a billion dollar loss on his taxes under audit. Donald is an outspoken, celebrity, billionaire under extreme scrutiny. The act of submitting a loss on a tax return and benefitting from that loss for whatever period of time is not on its face illegal or immoral. Calling oneself “smart” for knowing out to operate (or paying others to help you operate) in a complex system of laws is not de facto illegal or immoral. // This election has become less about the micro and macro level issues that impact our day to day universe, and more of a game of gotcha – a race to determine who is the least moral. We’re blaming people for the acts of others; We’re blaming people for operating legally under a complex system. For Moderates like myself who feel persuaded by many Republican ideals fiscally, many Democratic ideals socially and many Libertarian ideals from a civil liberties perspective, it sure would ideal to be issues focused the last month of this campaign. (This moment of idealistic thought has been brought to you by my day off to reflect about all of this nonsense because the Jewish calendar is like 35 billion years old and far more complicated than our tax code.)

Rabbis vs the NFL

I’m going out on a limb in speculating NFL Football and 2016 Ryder Cup ratings are positioned favorably against the sleeper “Rabbis Discuss High Holidays” on JBS. I’m awaiting Roger Goodell’s comments with bated breath. Shanah Tovah = A good and sweet year to ALL of you.


Americans have a right to peaceful protest. Americans have a right to judge peaceful protesters. Americans have a right to judge those that judge peaceful protestors. Americans have a right to post snotty Facebook posts about those who judge those that judge peaceful protestors. I  AMERICA.

World War II Tuskegee Airmen – real superheroes

Is there anything in the world as noble and lion-hearted as World World II Tuskegee Airmen? The hero on the right is a World War II military aviator having flown his first mission in 1942. The hero on the left joined the Airmen in dentistry and later as an Orthodontist. I was at our Philadelphia office rushing to get back to LA on Friday when I came across this living exhibit of gallantry. If I look like I’m 8 in this photo it’s only because I feel like I’m 8. How often do you get to meet Jackie Robinson or Captain America?