Term limits.

Party line voting is mindless. Term limits are needed in Congress. Our country is divided on social and economic issues, yet we bilaterally agree on our distaste of Congress. It’s not ironic. It’s engineered. By granting mountain goats the opportunity to sit on their rocky peaks for decades, layering on entitlements, bad feelings, feuds all while losing sight of what it’s like to be everyday citizens who compromise to succeed, we engineer this mess. Democrats blindly voting. Republicans blindly voting. Supporting your constituency or your President should also mean being bold enough to occasionally disagree. It’s not just mindless. It’s spineless. You can’t be 3 dimensional in this Congress. If you lack dimensionality, you lack substance. Strict term limits strip entitlements, limit longstanding feuds, and drive more independently minded action.

Math and bologna.

I’d just like to say something mathy…

Turkey bologna is highly processed, salty and delicious. When cooked it’s especially scrumptious when placed gently on individually wrapped square cheese slices.

There is a strong negative correlation (-0.8735) between perfect abs and turkey bologna consumption.

There is a modest negative correlation (-0.3449) between perfect abs and individually wrapped square cheese slice consumption.

When consumed together, the negative correlative to perfect abs is nearly a perfect (-1.0).

Thus, you can extrapolate from this data that I am bloaty, temporarily satiated, and literally barely hanging on to my no-red-meat New Year’s resolution.